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50+ Years of Excellence

Since 1963, Rose Electronics has provided batteries and power solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers in leading firms throughout the US and Canada. Top companies in industries such as enterprise storage, telecom, test and measurement, medical, military, metering, and global positioning rely on Rose to bring our expertise to their applications, yielding the best power solution possible for their products. They value our in-depth battery application engineering expertise; our ISO-9001:2015 certification; our administrative and logistical capabilities; our industry-first warranty and failure analysis consulting service; our award-winning battery management and field replacement programs; and our long-standing commitment to customer service, exceeding their expectations.

Unparalleled Engineering Expertise

Batteries are a critical but commonly neglected part of product design. Rose Electronics offers highly skilled engineering services. Our staff, including our Applications Engineer, is well versed in the battery industry, aiding with battery pack design and offering project development and manufacturing expertise. We have helped hundreds of engineers develop batteries into countless successful products. Our staff oversees all custom battery pack specification, are deeply involved in production processes, and stand ready to assist your engineers to develop the optimal battery pack for your application.

ISO-9001:2015 Certified

Our commitment to excellence is tangible. All of our processes, most importantly our battery assembly processes, have been carefully designed over many years, are documented, and are available for customer inspection. Our ISO certification is audited by an outside certification firm. The quality of our assembly, administrative and logistical services is world class.

Industry-First Warranty & Failure Analysis

We are an industry leader. Like other electronic components, batteries do occasionally perform below specification. Many years ago, we decided that battery manufacturers' warranties were not enough. For most custom battery assemblies, we offer a one year warranty -- a first in the industry. More importantly, for most of our customers, we put any failed or under-performing battery though a comprehensive engineering analysis in our lab. Invariably, we are able to accurately determine the root cause of the problem, whether responsibility lies with the manufacturer, ourselves, or our customer. This analysis adds substantial value by helping all parties to prevent problems in the future.

Award Winning Battery Management Program

Unlike most electronics, batteries have a limited shelf life -- like a carton of milk -- care must be taken to preserve performance. Even Global 2000 companies may find that their own inventory and technical capabilities are not well suited for batteries. So, for many customers, we manage their battery inventories. We test batteries, recharge during storage, dispose of under-performing cells, and boost charge. We track each battery and provide detailed reports. We maximize the life of our customers' batteries while assuring availability for a critical component.

Global Field Replacement Program

Batteries reach end of life -- they can no longer be counted on to perform to specification and must be replaced. Even for companies with robust logistical partners, replacing hundreds or thousand of batteries in the field can be a daunting challenge. Presented with a mixture of technical and logistical issues and customer relationship risks, many companies elect to outsource to Rose.