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New Shipping Regulations

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Selecting Right Battery

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Pack Development Flow Chart

If you are designing a commercial product with unique battery requirements you may need a custom battery pack. If so, this is how Rose works…

Step # 1: Technical Needs Analysis: A member of our Applications Engineering team will query your engineering team about technical requirements such as: amps, amp hours, voltage, cycle life, temperature, shelf life, cycle maintenance, charging, form factor, target price and delivery schedule.

Step # 2: Battery Pack Development: Our Applications Engineering team works with your engineers to bring your pack to fruition. Using our experience developing hundreds of successful products, we eliminate the problems in the original battery design and develop the optimal battery pack. We provide pricing for varying production levels and illustrative sketches or detailed CAD drawings, as needed.

Step # 3: Prototype Assembly:
We draft a step-by-step manufacturing procedure that ensures consistent quality regardless of volume, whether the product is built today or years in the future. We build the product. If the battery pack needs refinement we repeat Step #2.

Step #4: Pilot Assembly:
You may need a small number of battery packs for field trails or test marketing. Our manufacturing procedure for your product enables us to produce low-volumes, just like the prototype at modest cost. We follow In-Process Inspection and First Article Inspection quality procedures.

Step #5:
Production Assembly: In our 15,000 square foot assembly facility, our highly trained assembly team backed by our experienced Manufacturing Manager deliver consistency and high quality on-time every time in volumes of 100 per month to 100,000's per month. (Call for a tour.)