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Welcome to Rose Technology Library where you'll find everything you ever wanted to know about batteries of all kinds but were unable to ask. Included is our Battery University, a walk through the basics and beyond.

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Batteries have been used to provide standby power for many decades, especially in the telecommunications industry. Initially, the standby power was provided by rooms of flooded lead acid batteries. more...

Float Life Verification of a VRLA Battery Utilizing a High Purity Electrochemical System
This paper examines float life verification of commercially available high purity VRLA batteries in light of this recent concern regarding negative electrode capacity loss. more...

Is My Lithium Ion Battery Dead?
Occasionally, clients come to us asking us to diagnose their lithium ion battery packs that show no voltage. More often than not, the battery is not dead, instead is simply over discharged. This article attempts to describe how you can conduct your own self-assessment to determine whether or not your battery pack is faulty. more...


What are some of the most common mistakes engineers make when designing in batteries?

Ensuring Safety in Battery Pack Assembly
Don't let poor battery management make an ash out of your product.

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